Establish sustainability as the guiding principle in the development of technical systems

With this goal in mind, the University of Freiburg founded the new Institute for Sustainable Technologies - INATECH - in October 2015.

At its heart is a dedicated engineering approach to finding technical solutions to challenges that emerge from the core issues of sustainable development.


Take on the challenges of our time with engineering science

Together with partners from the public and private sectors, INATECH uses interdisciplinary research projects to develop technical systems that take on the challenges of our generation.

Resource scarcity

Our raw materials and resources are finite. Sustainable technologies must treat them responsibly.

Energy revolution

The energy system of the future must be more than just climate neutral. Similarly, electricity and heat must be failsafe and available at affordable prices.

Climate change

Global warming has consequences. INATECH was established to find solutions that can minimize climate change and produce engineers capable of building a sustainable future.

Complex risks

Risks are one consequence of the rapidly growing complexity and interdependence of our critical infrastructures. INATECH researches how they can be minimized and avoided.

What is Sustainable Systems Engineering?

Sustainable Systems Engineering is the process of designing technical systems in such a way that they contribute to sustainable development and have the least possible impact on the environment. This process is characterized by the following strategies:

The structure of INATECH

INATECH is composed of an equal partnership between the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg and the five Freiburger Fraunhofer institutes.

This foundation is unique in the research field, a structure that covers the entire spectrum from fundamental research to industrial application.

Director INATECH

Prof. Dr. Stefan Glunz

Secretary INATECH: Vanessa Schultz
Emmy-Noether-Straße 2, 2nd floor North
+49 (0)761 / 203 - 96900


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Balle

Secretary INATECH: Vanessa Schultz
Emmy-Noether-Straße 2, 2nd floor North
+49 (0)761 / 203 - 96900

Dean of Studies INATECH

Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ambacher

Secretary: Zahra Dandani
Emmy-Noether-Straße 2, 2nd floor North
0761 / 203 - 54091



The challenges of the energy revolution, resource scarcity, global warming and complex risks: INATECH was founded as a response to the urgent questions of our time.

INATECH founded

The University is already optimally positioned for addressing societal and political questions on sustainability. It is now clear that sustainability must be more than a research domain of the natural sciences. Engineering solutions are also required to implement practical solutions. Scientific and technological experts are teamed together with the five Freiburger Fraunhofer institutes: INATECH is founded.

Masters: Sustainable Systems Engineering

The goal was clear from the start: produce capable and motivated engineers ready to build a sustainable future. Run entirely in English, the Masters program with students from across the world begins.

Bachelor studies begin

The German-language Bachelor course begins. It teaches general engineering basics with a focus on sustainable development.