Prof. Dr. Anke Weidlich

Chair for Control and Integration of Grids

Anke Weidlich researches the possibilities of sustainable energy provision.


Vision: To make the energy system sustainable

Developing technologies for the energy revolution and energy distribution today requires holistic approaches that are oriented around the dimensions of sustainability.

INATECH researches how selection of technologies and coordinating their implementation across markets and other instruments can enable an economically advantageous, socially acceptable energy provision that has the lowest possible ecological risk.

The interplay of networks and markets in the electrical system, in other words how market actors organize the technical layout of power grids and the delivery of energy and system services, is of great importance. Furthermore, linking the electricity system with other energy systems, such as heat provisioning and the mobility sector, generates new challenges for infrastructure and system coordination while also offering potentials for increased flexibility.

The chair for Control and Integration of Grids seeks holistic solutions in these areas for a sustainable energy supply of the future.


A sustainable energy supply that enables the flexible integration of renewable energies and increases efficiency through intelligent energy transmission and distribution is the focus of the research.

Sustainable transformation of the energy system

How is the transition to a sustainable energy system to be effected, and which infrastructures are needed to this end?

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Electricity markets and system integration

How do the components of future energy systems work together efficiently, and how can their implementation be best coordinated?

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Flexibility modeling

Which flexibility requirements does the electricity system have as the proportion of renewable energies grows, and how can flexibility be tapped?

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Network modeling and analysis of electricity flows

What role do networks and electricity flows play in the European integrated grid in future energy scenarios?

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Current research areas by members of the “Control and Integration of Grids” (CIG) chair:

InNOSys – InNOSys - Integrated sustainability assesment and optimization of energy systems

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C/sells – The energy system of the future in the Southern German solar arc

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Curriculum Vitae

  • 2017 | Professor of Control and Integration of Grids at INATECH
  • 2011 | Professor for Energy Systems Technology and Energy Economics, in particular intelligent decentralized structures for sustainable power supply (Smart Grids) at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences
  • 2011 | Fellow and head of the research project “Smart Grids” at the foundation neue verantwortung, Berlin
  • 2008 | Senior Researcher and Project Manager in the research area “Future Energy Systems”, SAP AG
  • 2006 | Research Assistant at the University of Mannheim
  • 2006 | Research Fellow at the Iowa State University
  • 2004 | Research Assistant at the University of Karlsruhe (TH)
  • 2003 | Scientific assistant at the Öko-Institut Berlin
Awards and outstanding achievements

  • High potential in the SAP Top Talent Program
  • BMBF Career Promotion Programme “Securing Talents - Shaping the Future” of the Talent Promotion Associations of the Federal Government
  • DAAD Scholarship for a Research Stay in the USA
  • Study Scholarships of the Heinrich Böll Foundation


Prof. Dr. Anke Weidlich

Chair for Control and Integration of Grids

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